Sunday, October 18, 2009


Kosong. As it is. Take 'Suzi' my 1st real girlfriend, my 1st real break-up.Happening right in front of me.I never thought it was going to be so much of a car crash. So this is all my fault? Me? :) its funny what goes through your mind at the time like this.Two and half years we spent together. The promises we made. Things we bought together. Times we spent. Why did we break up? its funny the reason is so small. One day she's with me saying i love you and the next days she's with someone else probably saying the same thing. So did she really love me? What is LOVE anyway? The edge old question. I used to live in student accomodation not far from the college. Is basically a two-story. Concrete block house in some 120 hormon students. This is the haunting period, the time when the Demons of regret comes for you. And then i realized , all of my friends were haunted. But there's a difference between my ghost and theirs. It wasnt too late for me.

I got out of the car and ready to explode. But then it all just went away.And that was it, that moment I wasnt angry anymore. Friends, you may think your only choices are to swallow your anger or throw it at someone's face. But there's a 3rd. You can just... let it go..yup..just let it go. And only when you do that it is really gone.And you can move forward. That was the perfect ending to a perfect love story. It just wasnt mine. Mine is still out there, waiting for me.

I wanna fresh start.That's how charmed my life was. But I still think i turned out to be a pretty decent guy. In spite of it all.

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